A description of love which comes in many different forms

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The Four Types of Love – Greek Style

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The 7+ Types Of Love You’ll Probably Experience In This Life

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Love Comes in Many Forms

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Greek words for love

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Greek words for love

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Promising Love Ugh, we all have that ex. You can remember fund powerful stories to writing the way towards. This Pin was discovered by Elvis Escalona.

The Best Words to Describe “Love”

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. The word “love” forms parts of many types of speech. It can be a noun (or naming word) for a series of sensations, feelings and emotions. It is also a verb or “doing or action word” when it comes.

Though each individual experience of love cannot be easily or generally defined, the Merriam Webster online dictionary offers a few different descriptions, such as: strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties; attraction based on sexual desire (affection and tenderness felt by lovers); affection based on admiration, benevolence, or common interests; and, warm attachment.

Love is kind of like when you see a fog in the morning, when you wake up before the sun comes out. It’s just a little while, and then it burns away Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality. Storge (στοργή storgē) means "love, affection" and "especially of parents and children".

It is the common or natural empathy, like that felt by parents for offspring. [11] Rarely used in ancient works, and then almost exclusively as a descriptor of relationships within the family.

Discover all the different types of love in the world, from ancient Greek terms for love to modern types of love. 7 Types of Love, according to the ancient Greeks The ancient Greeks had seven words for love that corresponded to different types of love, ranging from physical love (eros) to purely.

A description of love which comes in many different forms
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What is agape love?