A description of soil superficial covering of most of the earths land area

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What is Land Pollution?

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Land-cover and land-use maps are required for many applications such as regions planning, landscape ecology and landscape planning, agricultural management, and forestry.

Electromagnetic energy reaching the earth's surface from the Sun is reflected, transmitted or absorbed. Swamp: an area of land that is always soaked with water; low, wet land that supports grass and trees.

Terrace: a flat area of land like a step on landforms like a mountain, valley or beach.

What is the Surface Area of the Earth?

Tide: the regular rising and falling of the water of the oceans and waters connected to the ocean. Drylands comprise 41% of the earth’s land area and are home to roughly 2 billion people, or 34% of the earth’s population. Currently, over million people in more.

Glossary of Water Terminology

´Spherical shape and tilt of earthSpherical shape and tilt of earths axis cause ’s axis cause material - most superficial layer. «Covers 11% of earth’s land area. ´Thin acidic soils low in fertilityThin, acidic soils low in fertility. Generally the area is stable in its native state where it is protected by the vegetative cover.

Disturbance of the forest would lead to surface wash and stream sediment build-up. Jan 05,  · To identify, understand, and manage soils, soil scientists have developed a soil classification or taxonomy system.

Like the classification systems for plants and animals, the soil classification system contains several levels of detail, from the most general to the most specific.

A description of soil superficial covering of most of the earths land area
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