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Pliny the Younger on Christians

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Pliny the Younger

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#102: Pliny’s Letter to Trajan

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Letters of Pliny the Younger and the Emperor Trajan

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Pliny the Younger on Christians

1. CHRIST, CHRISTIANS AND CHRISTIANITY. BOOK I. JESUS AN ESSENE. The Jews, long before the time of Jesus, were divided into three sects, the Sadducees, the Pharisees, and the Essenes.

It is almost impossible in reading of the last not to be forcibly struck with the remarkable resemblance between their doctrines, precepts and practices, and those of Jesus and the early Christians. Pliny the Younger was the governor of Bithynia et Pontus on the Black Sea coast of Anatolia Turkey; having arrived there around September as the representative of Roman Emperor Trajan.

Pliny likely wrote the letters from Amisus before his term ended in January The origin of Christianity in that region is not known, but it has not been associated with Apostle Paul's travels. Trajan with Pliny the Younger, governor of Bithynia (c.

). Pliny requested clarification as to the punishment of Christians “for the name itself” or for crimes supposedly associated with being a Christian. To start Pliny the Younger (not to be confused with the elder) lived from 61ADAD and was a notable lawyer and administrator in the Roman Empire.

This correspondence of Trajan and Pliny (given here only in small part) is among the most valuable bits of historical data we have for the whole Imperial Age.

Pliny the Younger: Letters, X ff: The Correspondence of a Provincial Governor and the Emperor. Pliny the Younger or Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus (c): Roman senator, nephew of Pliny the Elder, governor of Bithynia-Pontus (), author of a famous collection of letters.

Pliny trajan correspondence
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Pliny the Younger and Trajan on the Christians