The clinical description of lymphoma

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Rituximab Maintenance Therapy for Marginal Zone B-cell Lymphoma (MZL)

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About this clinical trial. Hodgkin lymphoma, especially in its early stages, is one of the most treatable and curable childhood cancers.

The standard treatment for early-stage Hodgkin lymphoma involves chemotherapy (treatment with anti-cancer drugs) and radiation therapy (the use of high-dose x. Jun 14,  · Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) is a collective term for a heterogeneous group of lymphoproliferative malignancies with differing patterns of behavior and responses to treatment.

Most (ie, %) NHLs are of B-cell origin. Outline the WHO Classification of Burkitt’s lymphoma, including the clinical and pathological variants of this lymphoma. (EBV); this was the first description of a virus involved in the pathogenesis of a tumor in humans.

In the setting of. Lymphoma is widely diverse group of diseases that originate in lymphatic tissues Because the symptoms caused by lymphomas are often the same as those from infections, patient history, risk factors, and clinical presentation need to be viewed in total.

The clinical description of lymphoma
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