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Macklemore has plenty of thought-provoking songs in addition to catchy blurbs about thrift shopping, but "Ten Thousand Hours" is one that resonates with me a little bit.

Cheryl Morgan is a trans woman, a writer, publisher and usagiftsshops.com is co-chair of OutStories Bristol, an LGBT local history usagiftsshops.com has delivered papers on many aspects of trans history and trans characters in literature, and is a regular speaker at LGBT History Month events.

Not only have a lot of people already voted, but it will take time for macklemore to receive the funds, determine the appropriate proceeds, forward it ti the "yes campaign", for the yes campaign to determine how to spend it, and to implement that course of action.

The following personality test will send you on a notional journey and ask specific questions about what you visualize in specific areas of the scenario. For the best results, write down the first thing that pops into your head without overthinking your response.

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Granted, there is clearly a generation gap that makes it difficult for youngsters to gauge the true skill level of the MCs of yore. However, for an artist who has not nearly paid his dues to be so blatantly disrespectful to an entire generation of music lovers is unfathomable.

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